Next show in Paris

Next show in Paris

One versus One

One versus One

After Horizon at the Palais-Royal, Cie L’Oublié(e) returns to Paris with One versus one.

To prolong the memory of Horizon and enter into the company’s universe,

L’Oublié(e) invites you to discover the show One versus One at the Théâtre Silvia Montfort.

See you December 26 to 30!

A free, whimsical adaptation of Orphée et Eurydice.

Raphaëlle Boitel imagines the life of Eurydice during her stay in the Underworld, combining theater, circus and music.

Acrobatics, juggling, choreography, ladders, supports, modular objects…

the stage offers itself as an infinite playground, hosting two artists performing alongside four musicians.

In light or darkness, they appear, disappear, rise to heaven, vanish to hell.

The music, played live, is performed by a string quartet founded specifically for this project (violins, cello, double bass).

There are two of them, side by side, barely separated, but they can’t see each other.

Space is tight. It’s as if they’re trapped. Freely inspired by Orpheus and Eurydice,

Raphaëlle Boitel challenges the myth in a physical, playful and surreal way.

She questions the place of women, stereotypes and codes distilled by a patriarchal society.

In a resolutely tragicomic tone, she tells a different story to children and young people,

the place of some, of others, close to each other, facing each other, evoking the quest for self,

emancipation, without looking back!

December 26 to 30

at Théâtre Silvia Montfort

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Directed and choreographed by Raphaëlle Boitel

Artistic and lighting collaboration Tristan Baudoin

Original music Arthur Bison

Musicians Sarah Tanguy, Elena Perrain, François Goliot, Clément Keller

Costumes Jean-Philippe Blanc, from the Opéra National de Bordeaux workshops

Artistic assistant Alba Faivre

Lighting and tour manager Elodie Labat

Sound Manager, Arrangements Nicolas Gardel

Performers Alejandro Escobedo and Marie Tribouilloy

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Photo credits ©Tristan Baudoin
©Thomas Brousmiche

Circus Season 2021 2022, Le Plongeoir, Cité du cirque
All rights reserved