Horizon Saint-Front Cathedral

Horizon Saint-Front Cathedral



Duration 1h05 – all public – In-situ form on a heritage monument

Through a new form of performance, Horizon is a project that takes possession
of heritage spaces, in an in-situ and unique creation,
based on the history of the building and the specificities of its architecture.
An ode to freedom and a tribute to human creativity,
Horizon offers to make them discover under a transversal glance.

From a group with exceptional abilities, bringing together contemporary circus artists
and free-runners coming from the urban space, an acrobatic ballet in counter dive is written,
between walls, roofs and sky.




Director and choreographer Raphaëlle Boitel
Artistic collaboration, scenography & technical direction Tristan Baudoin
Stage management, technical and security Nicolas Lourdelle
Technical assistant in creation and security Thomas Delot
Organist of the saint-front cathedral Christian Mouyen
Performers Vassiliki Rossillion, Tia Balacey, Mohamed Rarhib, Andrea Cutri,
Matthieu Le Gall, Rémi Girard, Blaise Desailly, Nhât Nam Lee,
Emily Zuckerman, Fleuriane Cornet, Valentin Dubois 




Production Cie L’Oublié(e) – Raphaëlle Boitel
Creation in the framework of the Festival Mimos, 39th edition

In co-production with L’Odyssée, Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national “Art and creation “of Périgueux ,
Agora PNC Boulazac Aquitaine,
OARA (Office Artistique de la Région Nouvelle -Aquitaine) With the support n of the Ville de Périgueux the DRAC Nouvelle Aquitaine,
the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and the
Department of Dordogne.


Thanks to  the Abbot Christian Dutreuilh


The Cie L’Oublié(e) – Raphaëlle Boitel is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture DRAC –
New – Aquitaine ; subsidized by the region Nouvelle – Aquitaine,
the Département de la Dordogne et la Ville de Boulazac Isle Manoire.
The company is in companionship with the Agora PNC Boulazac Aquitaine.


Last rehearsals – July 2022





Performances – July 2022




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