Horizon Creation 2019 | In Situ Form

At a time when mankind is going through a period of overpopulation of its space, when it is struggling in search of new horizons by travelling in an infinite void and without air, we are cowering in confined and sometimes virtual spaces, in which we exist without the need for movement.
In this context, where are our spaces of freedom? What are they? In the group, in our relationships, in our companies, in our cities, in our lives. Where are they created? Where do they lead us?
With the roofs and the facade of the large theatre as an area of expression, from a group of contemporary circus artists and Free-Runners coming from the urban space, a ballet in counter-dive is written, between sky and city.

Forme in situ outside – duration 30 min
A project for all audiences, which is recreated each time by taking possession of heritage spaces, historic or atypical places, Horizon is an ode to Freedom.
Freedom. Non-quantifiable freedoms. Fundamental freedoms. To think, to be oneself, to be different. Freedom of movement. To run. To breathe.
Until the horizon…

director & chorégraphy Raphaëlle Boitel Artistic collaborator Tristan Baudoin, General manager, machinery Nicolas Lourdelle Director’s assistant Alba Faivre, Original music Arthur Bison
With Alba Faivre, Cyril Combes, Charles Poujades, Julien Meynier, Birguil Tall, Houssyne Yousfi, Mohammed Ayari, Matteo Battista, Rachel Cazenave & Nicolas Lourdelle

Production Cie L’Oublié(e) – Raphaëlle Boitel with help of Ville de Bordeaux, collaboration of l’Opéra National de Bordeaux, la Condition Publique de Roubaix & l’ADDAB de Bruges.