• Photographie du spectacle Ombres Portées


    Cie L'Oublié(e) invites you to discover its show Shadows Cast. Shadows Cast plunges the viewer into a cinematic work, sculpted by light, a powerful and poetic evocation of the unspoken issues within the family. K, a strong but deeply wounded young woman, decides to talk to her father, so she…

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    Discover When Angels Fall, a show by Raphaëlle Boitel In a sunless world controlled by machines, a group of maneuvered humans cling to life. In this silent mechanism, a grain of sand. A character, unknowingly searching for the light buried in all of us. Set in a poignant universe, this…

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    Horizon, an acrobatic urban ballet Horizon is an in-situ creation that adapts to heritage spaces or atypical locations. Contemporary circus artists, displacement artists and free-runners take over the buildings for an open-air acrobatic choreography. Initiated in 2019 for the roofs of the Opéra National de Bordeaux, Horizon was completely rewritten…

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