Company L'Oublié(e) - Raphaëlle Boitel

For a long time, I thought that the role of the artist was to shake the audience. Today, I want to offer on stage what the world, which has become too tough, does not give anymore : moments of pure love. Pina Bausch

Since my first show and through the Operas I have worked on, I have been looking to develop a choreographic language. This language emerges from the relationships between beings and situations from day to day life. Its foundation is a physical and visual vocabulary mixing dance, theater, cinema and circus material. It allows me to summon every emotion, virtuosity, contortion, connection between the performers, in a metaphorical structure where every detail matters, up to the fingertips… This structure builds itself from a strong visual universe, which is a part of the dramaturgical frame, and is based on an important work in lighting design.
Each of my projects is a step, part of a « global » project to create this language of motion. Language that I hope to be for the audience a channel of reflections, wonder and emotions.
Raphaëlle Boitel