One versus One

One versus One Creation 2021 - Live Music Version



Duration 50min – created for young audiences aged 6 and over


There are two of them, side by side, barely separated, but they can’t see each other.
Space is limited. It’s as if they’re trapped. Freely inspired by the characters of Orpheus and Eurydice,
Raphaëlle Boitel challenges the myth in a physical, playful and surreal way.
She questions the place of women, stereotypes and codes distilled by a patriarchal society.
In a resolutely tragicomic tone, it’s a way of telling a different story to children and young people,
the place of some, of others, close to each other, facing each other, evoking the quest for self,
emancipation, without looking back!

In 2021, a live version of Un contre Un was created,
performed by a string quartet founded specifically for this project (violins, cello, double bass).
A project for 2 performers, with original music,
Un contre Un is a form for small stages that encourages local projects.





Director and choreography Raphaëlle Boitel
Artistic collaboration, lighting, Tristan Baudoin
Original music Arthur Bison
Sarah Tanguy, Elena Perrain, François Goliot, Clément Keller
Costumes National Opéra of Bordeaux,
Light & sound managers Elodie Labat, Nicolas Gardelle
Performers Alejandro Escobedo, Julieta Salz or Marie Tribouilloy
Musicians Sarah Tanguy, Elena Perrain,
François Goliot, Clément Keller



TOUR DATES 2023-2024


December 26 to 29, 2023 I Théâtre Silvia Monfort, Paris (75)
March 14 to 16, 2023 I Théâtre national de Nice, CDN (06)






Production Cie L’Oublié(e) – Raphaëlle Boitel

Coproduction  Agora PNC Boulazac Aquitaine •
Le Carré Magique, PNC en Bretagne, Lannion •
OARA, Office Artistique de la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine •
CREAC, la cité Cirque de Bègles,
le champ de foire à Saint-André-de-Cubzac •






With the support of Ministère of Culture and Communication •
DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine and House of Maria Casarès in Alloue

 Additional Coproduction Costumes made by OPERA NATIONAL de BORDEAUX•








Photo credits ©Tristan Baudoin
©Thomas Brousmiche
Circus Season 2021 2022, Le Plongeoir, Cité du cirque
All rights reserved