The Black Beast

The Black Beast creation 2017

To be just a body. A dehumanized, contorted body. An animal body…

In this solo, written as a performative choreography, a woman sketches out the daily battles against her pet peeves.  On the ground or on an apparatus like a column with its 24 vertebrae, she is, like a thread that twists, ready to break at any moment. In a chiselled light, the body and life of this woman are outlined in its wild complexity, its fragile beauty, without ever bending.

An introspection of the being, which allows us to glimpse the sufferings, pressures and sacrifices crossed in the extreme exercise of physical performance and surpassing oneself. Through this portrait, the outline of our states of mind, our dreams, our traumas, our choices, our moments of grace, our contradictions are outlined. Love. Life.

duration 25 min – For all audiences

Directed, choreography and performed by Raphaëlle Boitel
Artistic collaborator, scenography and light design Tristan Baudoin Original soundtracks Arthur Bison Apparatus design Monika Wespi & Ingo Groher Assistante Clara Henry
Performed by Raphaëlle Boitel

production Cie L ‘Oublié(e) – Raphaëlle Boitel coproduction Agora Boulazac PNC Aquitaine – Le Carré Magique, PNC en Bretagne, Lannion.

© photos Georges Ridel and Pierre Planchenault